Roswell, New Mexico Review


Sara Farraj, Staff Writer

‘Roswell, New Mexico’ is a new television series that airs weekly on the CW. It is a drama series just as basically all on shows on the CW but, also leans towards the supernatural genre. I normally am not really into television series or movies that are not realistic but, I just decided to give this one a try and I do not regret it.

This is not the best show I have ever watched but, also, not the worst.

I liked how from the first few episodes it jumped right in. I hate it when shows drag their introduction, I feel it then just gets so boring. Furthermore, if you are the type to enjoy drama series with romance and a bit of humor surrounding the main plot line then this would be a great show for you.

I also enjoyed the romance and humor since that is the type of thing I like to watch.

However, the main plot line I feel is a little repetitive and normal. Nothing is committing me to this show because there is suspense but it is not like I am dying to know what happens next. To be honest, while watching, I am very interested and I really would recommend it. Although, after watching I would rather think of something else to watch after getting a little bored from it.

In conclusion, if you really want to be watching something at the moment and do not mind the whole supernatural alien story line then I would seriously recommend this series to you. However, if you are like me and enjoy the cute and realistic story lines sometimes containing true stories, I would not recommend this show. I believe there a many other better shows to watch and recommend.