Good Trouble Review

Good Trouble is a Good Distraction


Sara Farraj, Staff Writer

Good Trouble is the Freeform spin-off edition series of the recently ended television series The Fosters.

Me being a truly committed fan girl of the ended show I was just obligated to at least try out the spin-off edition. Furthermore, I have to admit I am not completely disproving of it. Started to watch this new show I was looking for a new drama series to watch, that makes me smirk here and there, giving me the continuation feeling to the previous series and that is what I got.

Good Trouble is basically a chick flick containing romance, life problems, and catchy story lines. All the characteristics that common teenage drama series normally have which satisfied me because I am the type of girl interested in these types of shows. Next, the show also gives a bit of humor. The type of humor when characters make comments that are either relatable or completely dramatized.

Lastly, the two main characters of the show come straight from the previous series The Fosters and continue their whole new lives together in there new their new jobs that any audience member that watched The Fosters would know they went to college for. Along with that, Good Trouble has guest characters that have popped in each episode referencing The Fosters. I love the way the new show connects to the old serious but, people who never watched ‘The Fosters’ would not be lost or confused watching Good Trouble. The people who watched The Fosters will just realize many characteristics carried over. Overall the series contains everything I was looking for before watching it. Although, there are a few downsides.

Recognizing the fact that the good factors overrule the bad ones, there are still just a few bad factors to the new series. As the creators of The Fosters probably dragged along, they try too hard to teach the audience a lesson. Yes, I know, with so many teenage watchers it’s good to incorporate some type of lesson and support withing their enjoyment because most teens will be influenced by their favorite television show over their parents. However, the way the lesson is being incorporated is not smooth. In my opinion the right actions should be made within the show or the bad actions made and then the character realize it was bad action just as the show does. However, not every issue has to be analyzed. Every time an action is made one of the other characters are analyzing it to the other and I do not like that.

Furthermore, I believe the show is trying to deal with too many world issues at once. It goes from sexism, to racism, to sexuality, to the foster system, to not assuming someones past, to not letting people take advantage of you, to money problems, to getting along with colleges, all the way down to keeping your parents happy. I feel it’s just too much. They should deal with each issue if that is what they’re trying to get across but, not all within the first five episodes.

In conclusion, I am honestly hooked to this series at the moment and I would seriously recommend it, if you have not watched it yet despite the minor thing I do not agree with.