Big Changes in High School Security

New Grant to Help With School Security

Moya Warren, Staff Writer

Lately, there has been a great deal of construction going on in Burlington City High. For some, this may be confusing. The reason behind all of this is due to the fact that BCHS was awarded a new security grant to help secure the school. 

This new security grant will be a great way to keep BCHS safe and secure so that students and staff feel safe here.

When asked about the specific changes that the students and staff will see Mr. Flynn said, “Our Security Camera system was completely upgraded inside the high school and on our grounds. We are going to have a complete upgrade in our lighting all around the high school.”

Lighting is not the only thing that will be upgraded with this new security grant. Many other things will also be improved.

“We will have additional double vestibule entrances like the one in our A-Wing,” Mr. Flynn continued, “Our Breezeway will become completely secure with state-of-the-art gate. There will be a gate near our cafeteria so vehicles cannot gain access to that area.” 

These improvements will definitely help the students and staff feel like they are safe in school while trying to learn and work.

For the last 2 months of the construction that has been going on most of the students have noticed some of the new equipment around the school. 

When asked about how these changes will make the school safer Mr. Flynn said. “These safety enhancements will absolutely make Burlington City High School safer.”

 The changes that have been installed so far that most students have seen are pretty good for the school.

 “Security cameras allow us to monitor the outside of our building and appropriate lighting is a deterrent to intruders and criminal activity.” Mr. Flynn continued.

Mr. Bob Eckman head of maintenance said “A-wing office that bulletproof glass will be installed on all the windows so that nothing can get through.”

“All these improvements will be completed by March at least. There will also be a garage door near the breezeway.” Mr. Eckman continued.

Everyone is excited about this new change and hopefully, it will bring peace and joy to Burlington City High School.