Harriet Movie Review

One Line Review: This was an incredibly empowering movie about an African American hero, I highly suggest it.


Source: IMDb.com

She'Ron Mason, Staff Writer

When I first saw the trailer for HARRIET, I was so excited to see a movie with a main black cast telling the story of an African American hero.

I was not disappointed.

The acting was amazing. The audience was able to experience the life of Harriet Tubman through the amazing acting of Cynthia Erivo, Leslie Odom Jr., Janelle Monáe, Joe Alwyn and many other talented actors. Cynthia Erivo gave an amazing performance showing the pain, grief, anger, and love Harriet faced during her journeys. 

HARRIET’s historical accuracy is something else that made this movie amazing.

The plot showed the true history of how Harriet Tubman was called Minty (Short for Araminta) Ross and how she escaped from slavery traveling 90 miles to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for her freedom. It also tells how she made the decision to go back and save her family from their masters, despite being told that her objective was too dangerous. Following her success she continued to go back to slave territory dozens of times, helping others escape, risking her life, and achieving the nickname “Moses.” 

The movie itself goes into depth of Harriet’s background and escape from slavery. It shows the astonishing perils and discouragement she faced and overcame.

HARRIET delves into how critical Harriet Tubman was to American history by being one of the most well known “Conductors” of the Underground Railroad and fighting in the American Civil War with the Union. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie.