Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Bollywood Movie Review)

One Line Review: This movie is popular because of how romantic and original the story is but some things should have been changed.


Tasnum Raja, Staff Writer

I have watched this movie countless times. At one point it was my favorite movie. But when I rewatched it, I realized how silly the plot was.

The plot is extremely unrealistic and could have used a lot of work. The acting, on the other hand, was great. Each of the characters was amazingly presented by the actors. The actor behind Rahul was Shahrukh khan, the “king of Bollywood.” I really loved his acting skills in the sad scenes. I’m sure almost everyone who witnessed him cry in that movie, cried along with him.

So what is wrong with the plot?

In the movie, a young female named who just became a mother finds out that she does not have much time to live.  She decided that she is going to write 8 letters for her daughter to read on each of her birthdays.

That there was my first issue: Why only write 8 letters?

Most kids know how to fully read by the age of 7. In my opinion, she should have written letters for her daughter, Anjali, to read starting at 7. But instead, she wrote the personal letter, expecting her to start reading at age 1. I guess the directors did not put a lot of thought into this. 

In the letters, Tina tells her daughter about their college love triangle with her, her husband Rahul, and his best friend Anjali (who her daughter was named after). Anjali is only 8 years old, but this doesn’t stop Tina from requesting her daughter to play matchmaker with her father and his college best friend.

It’s nice that Tina wants her husband to be happy even after she’s gone, but asking an 8-year-old to do that is too much. But nonetheless, Anjali (with the help of her grandmother)  goes on an adventure and tries to reconnect her father to his best friend who was actually already engaged. 

Along with the acting, I really enjoyed the inner complications within the characters.

Rahul was visibly lonely but refused to try to find new love after his wife past away. Though looking back, I realized Rahul was a little shallow. His best friend was in love with him in college but he didn’t see her like that because she was a “tomboy.” But when she later had a personality change and became more “feminine,” all a sudden he was attracted to her. That comes off as very judgemental to me now.

All in all, the movie is extremely popular and it deserves to be, but the directors should have put more effort into the story.