IT: Chapter Two Movie Review

One Line Review: I think the second movie is better than the first movie.


Moya Warren, Staff Writer

The first IT movie had a great deal to live up to.

After the popular IT: Miniseries in the 1990s, not many felt that this movie, especially Bill Skarsgård, who was tasked with playing the sinister Pennywise.

Boy was everyone wrong.

The first IT was an instant success and brought new life to the world of Stephen King.

So now, a few years later, the final chapter in the IT series is here.

So, does it live up to the first?

In my opinion, I think the second movie is better than the first movie.

In the film, we get to see more behind the scenes of what all seven of the best friends went through when they were teens. I feel like I learned more about what everyone was going through and how their battle with Pennywise truly affected them.

While many people say that the movie was scary (which it was), I thought it was also very funny as the characters bounce one-liners off of each other to ease the tension of many scenes.

All of the actors and actresses did really well with their characters. One of the best parts of the first one was the child actors. I felt it would be difficult to find adult actors who could properly portray them, but the choices made for each character was perfect, in my opinion.

This story was one the best that Stephen King created and the director did a really amazing job with recreated his vision and giving the audience an amazing horror film and although the movie is 3 hours, I certainly did enjoy myself and never felt the length brought the movie down. I really suggest you watch this movie.

If anyone hasn’t seen the movie yet, I suggest you watch it. IT: Chapter Two is now my favorite movies and hopefully it will be your favorite, as well.