How can we keep Hallways safe?

Adrianna Baines, Staff Writer

How many times have you walked through the hallways of your school and have heard a security guard or staff member tell a student to take their hood off? I would say quite a few times. This happens every day and some of you are even guilty of doing it. 

But why are security and staff so persistent on the issue? 

Why does it visibly upset them when you don’t obey the rules? 

It’s because it’s for your own safety! 

You may not realize but it is for your own good. When you wear a hood or a hat, most of the time staff can’t identify you right away. 

They might think you are an intruder or potentially a threat to the students and staff.

Taking off your hood and or hat eliminates the question of who you are, which should be done as soon as you walk into the school so they don’t have to tell you. 

You could also face consequences for not listening and following directions. 

To help a friend, if they forget you should remind them. Another way we can keep hallways safer is by walking in a neat and orderly fashion and not fool around when going to classes. 

Though it may be fun for you, it might look like a real fight causing security to question what is going on. By doing this, we could make their jobs easier, while making the hallways a lot safer.