Online Learning and How it Affects Students


Lauren Rauch, Staff Writer

Online learning isn’t really helpful.

The only reason why I say that is because many students struggle to do their work in school, so what is the incentive for them to do their work outside of school?

For me, even the amount of work that we’re getting, in many ways, seems to be more than what we would have received in school as we have work for each class nearly every day.

My own personal experiences with online learning haven’t been great.

I have managed to do less work than I would have done in school.

Communication is also an issue. I struggle with communicating with my teachers.

The only time I have contacted my teacher was to ask for an extension for work that I didn’t even do yet because I’ve been busy with work that is not even school-related.

One pro of online learning is that you can do your work at your own pace. I like that I can take my time and do it when I feel I can, instead of simply being forced to do it right then and there.

On the flip side, one major con of online learning is trying to balance each class.

Sometimes work from one class may take much longer than expected to complete, forcing me to fall behind in another class. That can be very stressful as I am trying to make certain all of my work is done and done correctly.

In the end, online learning is simply not something I would want to do permanently.

It is far more stressful to get everything in on time and it adds more pressure to students. I’d rather be in school so I have structure and a time frame to get all my work done. It is easier for me to focus on one class at a time, than all my classes at once.