Fox News Covers BCHS Marching Band

Erin Kiple, Staff Writer

Our very own BCHS National Championship Marching Band is gaining lots of local recognition for their big win over the previous weekend.

The Burlington City High School Blue Devil Marching Band continued their celebrations for their third consecutive National Championship win with a visit from FOX29 News!

The news agency arrived around 1:30 pm on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, to cover the Blue Devils, talk to them and see their award-winning show!

Bill Roarer, a reporter for FOX29, congratulated the band on their big wins and told them that the three consecutive championships caught the attention of the station. He expressed how excited they were to feature us. 

The band then ran a short rehearsal in the BCHS auditorium and performed their show in full, helping the reporter to gather some great shots of the blue devils doing what they love. 

Roarer interviewed a few of our core students all of which have unique perspectives on being in the band program. The students included Brody Holman, Darius Flood, and drum majors Erin O’Brien, and Lauren Ancharski.

Lauren Ancharski, senior drum major for the Blue Devil Marching Band helped me understand the concept of the show said, “An enchantress maintains a love and light spell in this place somewhere to your imagination. One day she vanishes and love and light are lost.”

Kaitlyn Lachawiec, Guard Captain, was asked about what it was like to have a reporter at the school writing a piece on the ensemble she is a part of. 

“It was cool that we caught the attention of a big news corporation for our achievements,” Kaitlyn said. “We worked so hard over the past 7 months to create a wonderful show, and it was so nice to be recognized for all of the hard work we put in.”

Congratulations to the BCHS Blue Devil Marching Band on their wins and be sure to watch them on FOX29 News!