Global Pandemic Can’t Stop Burlington City’s P-TECH Academy

Erin Kiple, Staff Writer

Before beginning the “remote learning” phase of the school year, Burlington City High School had over 40 applicants to join the second P-TECH Academy cohort.

Luckily, with everyone’s new favorite technological system, Zoom, BCHS were able to still meet as a committee and review the incredible applications from our Burlington City and Edgewater Park eighth-graders.

With the applications reviewed and the lottery complete, BCHS had their newest 20 members accepted into the program! A major congratulations to – Aiden Daly, Aiyahna Dennis, Alexa Matthews, Anala Stover-Heads, Andre Smith, D’Andre Futch, Da’Journaye Presley, Elijah Kulynych, Ezekiel Farmer, Jada Banks, Jaylyn Rodriguez, Jessica Bygrave, Justin Lovera Padro, Madison Booker, Madison Stahl, Nick Strimple, Pacey Swenson, Zachary Ireland, Sarah Lewis, and Troy Malone!

However, there is no P-TECH Academy without celebration and BCHS could not allow the current situation to downplay the major achievement of our students and that is how the P-TECH parade started. 

On Tuesday, May 5th Mr. Flynn, Mr. Bonnette, Mr. Heines, and Ms. Anderson set out in their respective vehicles with a map and brought surprises and cheer to the new P-TECH students.

Mr. Flynn, Mr. Bonnette, Mr. Heines, and Ms. Anderson started in Burlington City and then made our way to Edgewater Park to end the day.

At each stop, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Bonnette, Mr. Heines, and Ms. Anderson dropped off their surprise gift bag, in which the students all received their P-TECH t-shirt, a BCHS pen, a certificate, and a 3D printed model.

Mr. Flynn was ready for the day, megaphone in hand, and celebrations all around! It was truly a joy to see the students and share this experience with them, even socially distant and with our masks on!

BCHS cannot wait to start the next chapter with their new P-TECH cohort with the upcoming virtual Summer Bridge Program.

This is going to be an incredible journey and the staff of BCHS cannot wait to see all of their accomplishments moving forward.