Voters Need to Cast Their Votes by Mail

Tasnum Raja, Staff Writer

The supreme court decided against postponing the primary election.

This means that voters will have to make a decision on whether to go to the poll and vote or to stay home and practice social distancing.

In April, about 2 million Wisconson voters showed up to cast their ballots for the Democratic Primary. They wore masks and stood 6 feet apart. This could be how things will work for a while. 

Most of the votes are usually cast in person, but this year that’s going to change.

Voters have to decide between their own safety and making their voices heard.

So far, only Wisconsin voted but this will be the reality of how it will work throughout America. The plan is to start mail-in ballots, or else the voting rates may drop.  

If the voting turns out drops down 25% compared to 2016’s elections, it would represent a lobotomy of 34 million votes.

Baure states that this could have a major impact on the relationship citizens have with the government, “Our democracy relies on voters trusting that their votes will be fairly counted, and anything that skews that vital perception could have alarming consequences.”

If Americans lose the ability to vote for their president, it would lead to the people not trusting the government. Moreover, all of this could lead to protests since citizens will disengage. 

America has to make sure that the voices of voters are heard without their safety at risk.

No one should have to choose one of the two. Some states are making accommodations for that by planning to do the mail-in ballots. 72 Percent of Americans agree with this. Leaders must start planning now to ensure that voting rates do not plummet.

As the saying goes, “modern problems, require modern solutions.”