Writing Club Offers Creative Expression

Hailey Torres, Staff Writer

As most are aware, sports and other recreational activities have sadly been cancelled for at least the fall and winter at BCHS. Their absence is felt. In the hopes of providing students something to involve themselves in off the field or away from the court, the Burlington City High School recently revealed a wide variety of new clubs for students to participate in.

One of those clubs is known as the “Creative Writing Club.”

The club is supervised by Mrs. Magee-Stout, Mrs. Danielle Douglas, and Mrs. Dale Walker.

“I loved writing as a child, and the passion only grew as I got older,” Mrs. Douglas, an English teacher at BCHS, said. “When I was fresh out of college, I published two novels. I want students to develop a love for creative writing.”

The club was under the intention of supporting student work and creativity and not just simply for the sake of a grade, and the best part is that anyone can be an active member.

“This club is for students of all ages, interests, ethnicities, genders, and skill level to participate,” Mrs. Magee-Stout said. “It is not graded, so [there is] no pressure, we will not ‘force’ you to share, but we will respect your creative energy.”

We have had book clubs at the high school in the past, but we have never had a forum for students to showcase their talent in writing. Last year, several students begged me to start a club, but then the pandemic happened. So when Mr. Flynn asked staff to think of new ideas for clubs, I jumped on the opportunity! And Mrs. Magee and Mrs. Danielle Dale Walker jumped on board as well. We are so excited!”

While some may see it simply as a place to just go write whatever is on their mind, the format of the club isn’t so simple. There is more to the club than just free writing whatever flows from your fingertips. Plus, it has been designed for all sorts of learnings, as well.

“We are going to be working on various topics and students on all levels of writing will find something beneficial to take from this club,” Mrs. Dale-Walker said. “ Whether you are learning the basic skills of creative writing to enhancing or broadening the skills you already have in writing.”

Mrs. Douglas further elaborated on the different formats that will be explored throughout the course of the school year, “Students will participate in various genres: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir and play-writing.”

“I think I can speak for Mrs. Magee and Mrs. Douglas when I say we want students to take away a positive learning experience that they will be able to carry with them throughout their lifetime,” Mrs. Dale-Walker said. “This experience will include learning to give and take positive feedback on their work as well as others.  Learn how to get those creative juices flowing and being a productive member of a team.”

While creativity is important, what Mrs. Magee-Stout, Mrs. Douglas, and Mrs. Dale-Walker hope to gain from the students who decide to participate is their trust.

“I hope the students that participate feel a sense of safety,” Mrs. Magee-Stout said, “so that they can be free to write from their heart. The space we would like to create would be one where you can write anything that is on your mind.”

If you have a love of writing or if you just want to try something new after the school day ends, join the “Creative Writing Club.” The club meets every other Tuesday at 12:45 PM. The classroom code to join is: rawkwsb.