COVID Concerns Postpone BCHS Sports

Sara Farraj, Staff Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a number of schools to reconsider what elements of their school community are essential when it comes to keeping students and staff healthy and safe.

One area that has been a heated area of debate is school sports.

This year, the Burlington City School District, understanding the severity of COVID-19 decided to cancel both the fall and winter sports in order to keep both students and staff safe.

“Obviously, this was disappointing,” said Coach Robinson, the head coach of the Burlington City High School Football team.” but the pandemic has caused cancellations and closures to programs and establishments that are beyond our control,”

While many students were understandably distraught over the canceled season, BCHS was not alone with making this decision as many local school districts also followed suit and canceled their own seasons.

On the other hand, some districts did attempt to maintain a normal sports season, though many of those schools were forced to cut the season short due to the growing spread of COVID-19.

My heart especially goes out to all the participants of all fall sports, clubs, and activities that have given their time, energy, and dedication to help build their respective programs as their presence and ability to compete were missed this past year,” said Coach Robinson. “It really makes me have an even deeper appreciation for everyone that gets involved to help facilitate a season here at BCHS.”

With a possible vaccination on the way, hope is high that the Burlington City School District will be able to host spring sports next year, though, as many can attest to, nothing is guaranteed, but even so, chances are good that we may be able to host sports such as baseball, softball, and girls lacrosse.

“Hopefully, things will start to look familiar sooner than later,” said Coach Robinson, “as I know we are all anxious to get back to what we considered “normal” but until then, I would hope that everyone would continue to be safe, be well and take care of themselves and their loved ones.”