New Club to Help Helps with SAT/ACT

Chris-Tina Middlebrook, Lead Writer

On Friday, November 20th, Burlington City High School held its first-ever “Virtual Club Fair” to introduce all of the new clubs being offered around the school district. One of those clubs was the “Boost the Verbal SAT/ACT Score!” club.

This club, which is supervised by Mrs. Antoni, a guidance counselor at BCHS, meets on Thursdays from 2:40-3:40 PM.

“I created this club to provide support to students who want to do well,” Mrs. Antoni said. “There are ways to improve your scores. It’s most important to feel good and confident. I want students to be prepared to take the test.”

Despite there being a global pandemic, time marches on and for many students at BCHS, college is right around the corner and without a doubt, one thing colleges look for when choosing which students will or won’t attend their school, is that student’s SAT scores. That is why it is important to be prepared for both the SAT and the ACT.

“[In this club] Students will learn strategies to make the most out of their test. By using context universal strategies used in all tests. My goal is to have students think in a new way.”

It is clear that Mrs. Antoni has a solid plan as to how to attack these standardized tests that could help us with the SAT/ACT and future tests, but is this club for everyone?

“This club is best for students that are in grades 9-12, but most optimal for 10th and 11th grade,” Mrs. Antoni said. “It’s really for students who have an aspiration to go to college.”

So what else does this club provide to students? What topics will Mrs. Antoni be examining during each of her meetings?  “Every kind of test language,” Mrs. Antoni began. “Reading comprehension strategies, ways to understand vocabulary, learn about grammar, some review, and some of it is how to attack these specific tests questions on college” You can tell that there is a lot to learn when it comes to studying for the SAT/ACT, so every student should come out of this club learning something new.

As many are aware, not everyone learns exactly in the same. BCHS is filled with just about every type of learner and with that in mind, it is important to understand that there is a wide range of methods that can be utilized to prepare for the SAT and the ACT.

“[We] Primarily learn using online programs,” Mrs. Antoni said. “We connect using Naviance and functionality to customize your preparedness for the SAT.”

Goals are also essential to learning. Students, especially now as most are learning remotely, should be setting short and long terms goals for themselves in order to keep from falling behind. This is no different when preparing for the SAT and the ACT.

“I want their short-term goal to be to learn one new thing about the SAT/ACT,” Mrs. Antoni said with regards to goal setting to encourage student achievement. “As for the long term, to squeeze more out of their score. When your scores go up tuition goes down. So they can learn how to finance for college. To have better access to higher education. I don’t want students to be limited in their future outcomes, pursuit, and goals.”

“Boost the Verbal SAT/ACT Score!” club is a great way for students to learn better ways to perform on test day. The club is open to all students to join and grow.

“To any student that may feel curious about it,” Mrs. Antoni began, “give it a try. I am not grading you, I am coaching you. There is no pressure, just gentle encouragement. There is something useful and beneficial for everyone.”

If you would like to be a part of this club, please join the classroom using the code gxau4xq.