A Device for Every Student

Sara Farraj, Staff Writer

As all students and parents are experiencing and know firsthand, the 2020-21 school year has been and is continuing to be an unexpected journey. Worldwide we are seeing many adjustments being made to accommodate online learning and this includes Burlington City School District. Like many districts, the spread of the coronavirus has truly affected student education.

Burlington City has done its best to make sure all students have the technology they need to be successful while navigating a market that is in high demand. While many students began the year without devices, the district has made a push this fall to get a laptop into the hands of every student. Early on the district began to pick days for students. By late fall all students in the district either had a laptop or were eligible to pick one up. In addition, students were able to sign out mobile hotspots if they needed internet access. This is an issue for many of our students. Some students are contending with multiple users on the same network which can cause connectivity issues. Early on, some students even had to share devices with siblings. This was difficult when classes were taking place at the same time. Fortunately, students have the technology they need, now they have to contend with outside factors.

In this new Covid world, students don’t wonder what happens if I miss the bus or can’t get to school, but rather what happens when the internet goes down or my computer crashes? Also, what happens to younger students that have parents at work, and older siblings have to assist them with technology and classwork when they are in a class? All of these questions impact students, not only in our community but across the nation.

Every student having a laptop, and Wi-Fi source if needed, makes it much more possible for students to attend class every day during remote learning and complete their work.  That is why it was important to make sure that as laptops became available, students would receive a notice and pick their devices up.

Overall, Burlington City School District worked as quickly as possible to get devices into the hands of every student. The district’s main focus was to get a device to every student for remote and hybrid learning, in order for students to attending class and receiving the best education during this uncertain time.