New Sign at BCHS

Josias Cedano and Kristen Elliott, Staff Writers

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This school year, Burlington City High School has had a new addition installed on the school grounds. The Board of Education was able to install an electronic sign in front of Burlington City High School facing Route 130. The sign was a huge upgrade for the school as the original sign has become outdated as it still used individuals letters in order to make up whatever message was being presented. Letters that often fell off or disappeared.

“We’ve been trying to get this new sign for a while now,” Mr. Flynn, the high school Principal, told students.” The sign is honestly a great addition to the school grounds. It isn’t a $100,000 Jumbotron of a sign, but it does do the job and looks great as people drive by.”

The sign’s original purpose was to just show announcements for school students and parents. However, unlike the older sign, the new sign can show different announcements at the same time! Not only is it convenient, but it also saves time and energy for those who had to change/alter the message on the older sign.

In terms of budget, Burlington City High School has several people to thank. “I’d really like to thank a couple of select people for providing the money for the sign,” Mr. Flynn began. “Those people are, first of all, the Board Of Education. They funded some money from the district budget account leading to the purchase of our sign. Also, I’d like to thank Mr. Ray Coxe, our business administrator. He really took the initiative in getting us money for the sign and helping us find a sign that we could purchase.”

Now that the sign is in place, the older, out of date sign will be removed from the school. Principal Flynn and other staff members are excited to have a brand new sign that makes it easier to announce special events and important events happening at BCHS.