Disney vs. Universal

The Blue Devil’s second annual Blue and White week had a fantastic five days.

This year the White Team was representing Disney, and the Blue Team was representing Universal.

The school made numerous changes from last year, coming up with new games for the competition both during school, as well as after school.

One such addition was Mr. Cann’s “Escape the School” adventure. All week, students participating in the game where students have to solve riddles that give them clues to win the game. The more you riddles you solved, the closer you were to escaping the school. Those teams that successfully completed each level won points for either the Blue or White team.

“I wanted to do something a little different,” Mr. Cann said. “Students not only love puzzles, but they love being competitive and I felt that this would be perfect for the students and staff during ‘Blue and White Week’.”

While it was a close race, Mr. Heinz’s team, which consisted of Ryan Gibson, Sarah Schuck, Rebecca Shuck and Cody Seay came up the victors.

“It was great,” Mr. Heinz said. “My team really worked hard and it was great to see that work pay off for them.”

Both teams also competed in the mural competition. Like last year, both the Blue team and the White team were responsible for designing and creating the mural for each team and again both did a fabulous job.

Another exciting day had at BCHS was dressing up as your favorite character from either Disney or Universal. Both students and staff took


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the opportunity to dress up like their favorite Disney or Universal characters, whether it be Aladdin, or a Minion. Some students even took the time to coordinate their attires and be one large ensemble.

Everyday during lunch or after school, we had activities going on.

Throughout the week, mini-competitions were held both during school lunches, as well as after school. These contests ranged from a simple pushup challenge, to a cake decorating competition after school. These activities encouraged student involvement throughout the day, giving the students and staff a chance to show just how dedicated they were.

The week ended with a massive rally, giving both teams a chance to finally go head-to-head in a variety of activities such as basketball and dodgeball to tug-of-war. Students were also given a chance to show off their performance skills as they competed in different skits that encouraged team work and collaboration. Both teams truly did a wonderful job with their perspective pieces.

Blue and White Week is all about getting that school spirit and having a friendly competition. Every year, we hope to continue this legacy and become a stronger Blue Devil family.