Junior/Senior Prom

The Prom is one of the few times each year that the junior and senior students of BCHS have the opportunity to get together, dance, eat and have a good time, all while looking extravagant. For many, it’s the one time of the year they can truly be themselves.

The days leading up to prom are hectic to say the least. In many cases it’s just not the days leading up, but the weeks as well. A great deal goes into being prepared for a night that will most certainly be one of the most memorable moments of a student’s high school career. For the gentlemen it’s simple: you go out, you find a tux that you like and you are all set. Sure you may need a haircut or a shape-up, but those are minor.

For those ladies who are attending, it’s an entirely different story. Some of the girls at BCHS searched for their dresses for weeks (if not months) before the actual event. And their preparation didn’t just end with a dress. Accessories are needed to add to their ensemble, not to mention hair and makeup. Truly it is a hectic time for students.

BCHS’ 2016-2017 Prom was held at DoubleTree Suites in Mount Laurel. While the place was a bit smaller than what other schools may typically organize, BCHS is a small school so it worked well for the students and staff who attended.


The food was set up as a buffet and everybody chose what they wanted. The chicken enjoyed by many was said to be really good. After the food served and everyone ate it was time for people to get up, socialize and dance the night away. The DJ blasted music all night long and nearly everybody was on the dance floor, many not leaving until the night was over. The prom queen was Sarah Schuck and our prom king was Krystion Geesaman, both of whom truly deserved the crown this year. Everybody was very happy for them.

At the end of the night, some students drove home while others moved on to different locations to keep the excitement of the night going. All in all, it was a successful and memorable night for all who attended.