High School is No Joke

High school is really no joke. I wish I wouldn’t have treated it as one from freshman year to junior year. Now I’m trying to pull it altogether my senior year. Trust me, trying to find a college other than a community college to accept you with a GPA lower than a 2.5 is pretty hard. Before, I just didn’t think school mattered and I would just magically get accepted to these really good colleges without putting work in. Now it’s May, and I still haven’t decided where I’m going to school. This is not the route you want to take.

In order to go to great schools, you have to have great grades or great test scores. Freshman, sophomore, and junior year are very important. These years shape your GPA, and the first thing most colleges ask to see is your transcript. Senior year is important too, but it can’t really make that much of a change to your GPA, even if you were to get straight A’s. My advice is to get your work done and pay attention as much as you can during these years. You cannot get these years back and you don’t want to be in your senior year, not even sure if you’re going to graduate.

High school is also supposed to be fun. BCHS provides many activities you can join, and many events to attend.  You shouldn’t wait till your junior or senior year to join a sport or an activity. I’ve always been interested in track and vowed to join my senior year. I ended up really liking it and now I can’t run again. If you’re interested in an activity, you should join as soon as you can. Just make sure you’re balancing your work with your social life. I believe that was my mistake: caring way too much about when the next football game was, instead of when homework was due.

Your high school career is what you make of it. In order to get the best out, you need to put the best effort into it. Get involved in things, and make sure your grades are good. You need to make sure you are prepared for life in college. BCHS can do a great job with that if you put effort in to learn. Burlington City High School isn’t the best school in the world, but if you make the best out of it, you should have a great four years.