Browne is Running Down Records

For the Burlington City High School boys football team, 2017 has been a record breaking season. While it may not have ended like everybody hoped (with a state championship), the season will still looked back upon as an unbelievable success and a clear indication that a positive future under the coaching of Coach Robinson, is sure to come and while the team may not have walked away State Champions, one particular player walked away with something just as sweet – the Burlington County record for total yards in a season.

This season, senior Jimmy Browne ran for a total of 2,332 yards, breaking the previous record of 2325 yards previously held by Bordentown’s Jahmiere VanKline and while he may hold this record, you could never tell that Jimmy held such an astounding record. “It feels good,” Jimmy said, “but that isn’t something I am mainly concerned about, I am concerned on that specific team we played each Friday night at that very moment.”

It was a long road to 2,325 and Jimmy had a number of amazing milestones until he reached that number, which he did so during the last game of the season against Palmyra on Thanksgiving Day. It was against New Egypt that he broke past his first milestone of the season of 1,000 total yards. “In my mind all I could think about is that I have to set my standards higher for the season, and pushing my teammates and myself [to work] 10 times harder.”

Even with his amazing feat, Jimmy does not take all the credit. Like any standout player, he places much of his success in the hands of his teammates, specifically his offensive line.
“Knowing that my O line has my back I am able to feed off the energy of their blocks that they make for me.”

While Jimmy may be a skilled runner, success doesn’t just come from him running faster than the opposition. “All day all I’m thinking about is that it’s game day,” Jimmy said. “It’s fun time. Since we go so hard during practices all week long when it comes down to game time, it’s all about having fun and using all we practiced throughout the week on the field.”

Even with all their success, there are still teams out there who try to undermine their success. While this may bother others, Jimmy doesn’t give it a second thought, especially when they talk down about the team. “They must have us mistaken for the team we had last year,” Jimmy laughed, “but little do they know that we have a many [team] sayings like ‘Change,’ ‘A house divided cannot stand’ and ‘We all we got. We all we need,’ which basically means is that no team we go up against will break our strong bond that we all share both on the field and off because this year we all were striving for the same exact goal with no distractions, and that goal was to make sure we all leave our legacy behind.”

While Jimmy and the rest of the team’s season may have ended one game short of their ultimate goal, the excitement felt and the success found will be remembered long after this season. “Many of us are seniors now,” he began, “it’s our last year of high school football. Not everybody have intentions to continue playing at the next level so the thing that I’ll miss the most about playing for the Blue Devils is bonding through football with all my brothers.”