New Dress Code at BCHS

The time for change has come upon the students at Burlington City High School as the new school brought another new, yet familiar, change – no more uniforms.

In 2012, Burlington City High School began to enforce a brand new school uniform policy, which required students to wear one of a variety of predetermined ensembles that included a navy blue or white collared shirt with blue, black or tan pants and from the start there was instant pushback from the student body who were unhappy with the decision to transition to uniforms but are now glad to have gone back to how it was. “I like it [the removal of the uniform policy],” said Austin Spillane, a sophomore at Burlington City High School, “I feel we can now express ourselves more than we could before.”

That all changed last year when it was proposed to the Board of Education that BCHS do away with the uniform policy and again adhere to a simple dress code. Most of the student body were glad to go back to following just a dress code rather than a uniform policy, but even with the more relaxed requirements, some students still enjoy pushing the policy, especially regarding footwear and those stylish ripped jeans.  

Most of the staff were happy the policy was removed, feeling that now they could focus less on what students were or weren’t wearing and focus on education. “I love it,” said Mrs. Douglas, an English teacher at BCHS, “I don’t have to write up as many students simply because they are out of uniform.”

Regardless of your feelings, the uniform policy was put in place to encourage student responsibility while preparing them for the real world. While it may have only last five years, the memory, positive or negative, of Burlington City’s school uniform policy will live on for years to come.