On The Road to The White House

Now that this year’s student council has been elected I decided to ask the class of 2020’s current president Faiza Hoque about what it’s like to run for the election.

She says that the first step is to be aware of the meetings. In order to run you have to listen to the announcements and know when, where, and who to meet with. Next, she says you have to attend the meeting and ask if you can run. You must have the proper grades and attendance. If you are qualified, you should start gathering ideas for your speech and get the word out that you’re running. The more people who know the more votes you have. Now that you’re qualified, Faiza says to run and have a good time doing so.

I also asked Faiza what her job as president involves. She says that she has to be aware of all that’s going on, just as a real president should. She adds that she gets the final say in everything and has to take part in everything.

Finally, I asked her if he was nervous about the whole thing. She said  she was nervous, as everyone is, but you can get over your nerves by just practicing your speech, believing, and knowing that you’ve got this in the bag.