Bright (Review)

Bright (Review)


Set in a world where humans, orcs and elves live side by side, two LAPD Police Officers, one manthe other an orc, must fight to keep a magical wand out of the hands of those who wish to use it to do evil.

One Sentence Review:

This movie could have been way better.

Full Review:

Bright was a movie I was really looking forward to. The idea that a movie would be set in the modern era but with a mythical twist really intrigued me and when I heard that David Ayer, the writer director of such films as End of Watch and Suicide Squad would be directing with Will Smith and Joel Edgerton staring I just thought it was going to be a homerun.

I was wrong.

While the movie had some positives, as a whole it simply just didn’t work. My main issue with the movie was the conflict. Multiple factions are seeking a magical wand that can give it’s wielder unlimited power. There is only one catch – only a “Bright” can wield it and the only way to find out if you are a Bright is to hold the wand, which is suicide for anyone who isn’t a Bright. While that is a cool idea, it left me wondering why so many people, who probably could not use it, wanted it. What would they gain?

Another major issue I had with the movie was the world the movie is set in. While I love the concept of seeing an urban movie infused with mythical ideals, in many ways it didn’t work because so much was overlooked due to plot restraints. This movie, in many ways, would have fared better as a 8 episode series rather than a two hour movie. I feel with that additional time, or emphasis could have been placed on the different factions of species and their own individuals wants and needs.

All in all, acting could not save this movie. Will Smith and Joel Edgerton gave it their all, but plot holes and unresolved issues plagued this film. Hopefully whatever issues found in this movie will be spearheaded and discussed in Bright 2.