The Cloverfield Paradox (Review)



A group of scientists working towards finding a free and renewable source of energy accidentally travel to an alternate universe where they must deal with a wide variety of issues, including getting back to their own universe without tearing the space time continuum to shreds even more than they already have.

One Sentence Review:

I really wanted to enjoy this movie and sadly I did not.


The Cloverfield series, up to this point, has been profoundly unique. The first Cloverfield was released as a found footage film about a monster attacking New York City. The second, 10 Cloverfield Lane, was filmed as a separate movie and edited to fit within the Cloverfield universe.

The same was done with The Cloverfield Paradox. Originally titled God Particle, the movie centered around a group of scientist working to solve the world’s energy crisis. Much like the final movie the team of scientists inadvertently send themselves to an alternate universe in which they must deal with getting themselves back before it is too late. Once production was completed additional scenes were added to link the movie to the Cloverfield universe.

Now the question is “did this work?“

In my opinion it did not. The movie sadly wound up being unbalanced and confusing, leaving far too many plot holes that will leave the viewer scratching their head and asking more questions then probably intended. While the premise is sound and the idea is genuinely interesting the movie simply comes up short. Though Netflix took a chance by releasing the movie directly after the Super Bowl their risk may not pay off as many people view this movie as being subpar compared to the first two in the series. Hopefully the fourth, which is due out in theaters later this year, will bring the series back on track.