Poetry Out Loud Grade Level Competition


Burlington City High School hosted it’s sixth annual Poetry Out Loud School Wide Competition on Wednesday, January 10th in the High School Media Center.

Six students competed in the competition, two from the senior, junior and sophomore level classes. Each student was required to perform two seperate poems that they found on the Poetry Out Loud Website.

Seniors Farzana Hoque and Kelly Clark were once again pitted against each other, a rematch of the previous year when the competition ended in a tie and both were forced to perform one additional poem to determine the winner. Farzana came out the victor and that competition, a decision that was the driving force behind Clark’s performance this year. Farzana performed Thoughtless Cruelty by Charles Lamb and Analysis of Baseball by May Swenson, while Kelly performed Windigo by Louise Erdrich and All Hallows Eve by Dorothea Tanning.

Juniors Probjot Kaur and Ogedi Asimana-Daraku also competed this year. Ogedi, who was out of the country at the time, emailed her performances of Caged Bird  and Kin by Mya Angelou, which were then played for the audience to see.

Finally sophomores Arshia Kumar and Keyon Luff also competed.Arshia performed After the Winter by Claude McKay and Life in a Love by Robert Browning. Keyon, on the other hand, performed I, Too by Langston Hughes and Let Me Die a Youngman’s Death Roger McGough.

The competition, as always, included some amazing performances that stunned the audience and just like last year, Kelly and Farzana were neck and neck going into the final round and while both ladies performed phenomenally in the final round it was Farzana who again came out of top, edging Kelly by only a few points.

In the end, it was a magnificent night of poetry by all who attended and with our current school winner graduating this year, it is anyone’s guess who will come out on top next year.