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  • April 10Junior Class of 2019 Senior Trip down payment due April 27th .

  • April 9Congratulations to the ROBOTICS TEAM for winning 1st place at the First Robotics Competition at Hatboro-Horsham High School!

  • March 28Fun Fest at Tabernacle Baptist Church has been extended to April 27th. Please return all forms to the Main Office.

“Black Creation”

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The colors scream out at you from the paper.

Her smile so gentle and poise. The traditional

And honorary headwear and outfit symbolizes

Elegance and culture. Neck tall and straight,

Posture adequately distributed… She’s a

Melanin princess, a queen. Her diligence is

Strong and precise!  Teeth white and shining

Bright. Skin luminating in the sunlight.

Absolutely divine

Her warmth radiating down my spine

The history of her ancestors taken

By nothing but crime

Her soul saying I won’t back down

It refuses to recline

Her past locked in her mind, trying to

Turn back against the time

All set up into a rhythmic rhyme

The ways of her kind

Her mindset will not defend us

She is righteous

Her dignity cannot heal us

Their power will not stop us

We bleed our pain

Yet we shall remain the same

Everyday when it’s dark you can see her light

Her ritual may not be tight but this princess

Knows it’s alright

We sing our hurt

This queen has been lucky since birth

You see a person I see a God

I see beauty, a natural, not a fraud

You see paper, I see a canvas

In which her might shows she can stand us

Her will to stay strong, attacks you with

No hesitation

For this is God’s beautiful BLACK creation…

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“Black Creation”