BCHS Makes A Change

There have been a number of big changes her at Burlington City High School over the last few years. Some of have seen the comings (and goings) of a uniform policy. The daily schedule has been changed from a standard 9 period day to a 6 period rotating day with an hour lunch in between. Now, starting next school another new initiative will be put in place – a brand new start time.

Starting in September of 2018, Burlington City High School will no longer start at 7:40 and instead will begin at 8:00am. This new later start time will give students and teachers an additional 20 minutes to get to school on time and prepared for their first period class at the sound of the bell, something many students at BCHS are happy to hear as this change will help all the late risers in the morning, giving them a little bit of extra sleep to be wide awake and focused in their classes.

“The new start time will help students instead of hurt them in the morning,” said one student. “Now students will have more time to get ready and be on time.”

The later start time will also be beneficial to teachers as well. Pushing back the start of the day will help teachers who live farther away from the school be able to get here with ample time to be prepare. Also, students who live farther away and walk to school will have no excuse to why they are late seeing that they now have more time to get to school.

Victor Mulero, a sophomore, is also a fan of this later start time, “I will have more time [in the morning] to get ready and eat breakfast.”

The new start time is a great change by BCHS, that will greatly impact school attendance in a positive way though there are those, like Cody Sadowniczak, also a sophomore at BCHS who are not dependent on a later start time to be on time for class, “The new start time will not affect me,” Cody said.

Overall this change in school start time will have a positive outcome to everyone who goes to BCHS. Teachers will now have more time in the morning to prepare their lessons for the day, as well as get any copies made without having to worry if they’ll have enough time or not. Also, teachers will have time to prepare whatever technology they have lined up for their lessons instead of being forced to wait for them to boot up and be ready. Also, students will be able to get ready and make it to school on time, fully energized and wide awake for a full day of learning at the Burlington City High School with no excuses. All in all, this new school start time was a great change for our school.