A Night Full of Memories


October 21, 2017 was a night full of fun memories and dancing like no one was watching. The homecoming dance, following the homecoming game where the Blue Devil’s rolled through Gloucester 34-0, were great memories for all. Whether you came with friends or a date, you still most likely had fun. It was held in the Morris Gymnasium of Burlington City High School and lasted from 7-10 pm. The class themes of cities surrounded the dancers and filled the gymnasium. Seniors had Miami while the Juniors, who designed a New York city skyline, was set up just outside the gym in the hallway. The sophomores were Philadelphia, the freshman were New Orleans, and seventh and eighth graders were Los Angeles.

“It was fun hanging out with my friends and dancing,” Julia Kennedy, a sophomore at Burlington City said. “The dj was pretty good. The music was fun. It wasn’t the best, but it was still fun.”

Paul Reinhardt, a junior originally from Germany said that his first high school homecoming experience was “fun and exciting.”

Of course one of the most important things about homecoming is the crowning of the King and Queen. This year’s homecoming court included Jahlen Brown and Ashonti Gandy, Julianna Rodriguez and D’andre Thurmond, and Kelly Clark and Ryan Hacker. While it was a close race, in the end D’andre Thurmond and Julianna Rodriguez were both crowned. Both looked stunning together and everyone cheered excitedly for the two winner.

“It was great opportunity,” said Julianna, “I wasn’t expecting it at all.”

“I kind of expected it,” said D’andre, “Even so it was great.”

The other homecoming courts were very supportive and happy for their fellow running mates winning.

In the end, everyone seemed to have a great time. While many were a bit critical of the food and drinks, most had an amazing and fun time all night.