Spirit Week is Here

For many Spirit Week, while exciting, comes off as another year of the same thing. Yes, the dress down themes are always different, but at the end of the day it’s all the same.

This year, though, it seemed different to me.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that it was my last one at BCHS. For whatever reason, I actually enjoyed it. The seniors may have “lost” to the junior class, but in the end it really didn’t matter because we all still had fun.

While there were a number of great things about this year’s Spirit Week, there were still a few things that I wish were different.

One thing that I wish was different were the themes. Personally, I didn’t put as much effort in the daily themes until class color day. That day I, like many of the students at BCHS, went all out, buying purple headbands and tutus and just allowing myself to act like a kid, being stress free and just enjoying the moment. The “Back in the Day” was fun, but some of the chosen eras were difficult to echo. Regardless, everyone gave it their all and did their best. On that day it seemed like everyone dress up for whatever decade they were assigned, whether they wore baggy clothes for the 90s, or dawned purple hair and sported a guitar for the 80s.

The week ended with our annual pep-rally. This year each class participated in a school-wide dodgeball tournament.  It was great to see the competitiveness of the different classes as they ran, leapt and dove with the hopes of coming out on top. While many attempted to ruin the good time by cheating (we all saw you get hit and not get out!) it was still fair and fun for those who participated. The pep rally was charismatically MCed by Ryan Hacker and Jamir Spencer-Smith, who did a great job keeping the crowd in on all the fun and excitement.

While participating in the games and hearing all of our fall sports teams being announced was amazing, the best part for many was hearing the Homecoming Court announcement. It was great seeing all those vying for king and queen come out in their own little competition as they entered to different songs and attempted to distinguish themselves by adding a little skit or a dance.

In the end, Spirit Week was again a huge success and while many of us won’t have the opportunity to participate in another one, we are still glad to our last spirit week here at BCHS on a high note.