Tide Pod Challenge

A new challenge called “Tide Pod Challenge” is going viral after a teenager uploaded a video of himself attempting to eat one on social media. While many may find this to be a ridiculous act, the challenge has caught on, influencing many others to try their hand at this “challenge.”  While many kids are taking this as a joke, this is in reality a very dangerous thing to do and has started to become a larger concern everyday. When they first designed the pods, manufacturers were concerned about little children mistakenly ingesting them, but now teens are popping them on purpose, which has caused even greater concern.

There are many ingredients in Tide pods such as Polyvinyl alcohol, denatonium benzoate, fatty acid salts, alcoholethoxy sulfate, disodium, distyrylbiphenyl, disulfonate, mannanase, amylase, subtilisin and many more. These chemicals and toxins that are ingested into the body are very dangerous. Digesting these ingredients can cause death, something many teenagers are not taking into consideration while doing this challenge. There has been 10 deaths due to this before the challenge became popular, 2 children and 8 seniors with dementia.  Thankfully, as of now, no teenagers have been harmed from this challenge, but only time will tell. Hopefully this challenge will fade just like all challenges do, but even when it does, what will be next?