Burlington City Blue Devil Football Team Rolls on for the Win

Blue Devils Defeat Warriors.

Jaden Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The Blue Devils opened up the season with a big chip on their shoulder after having a breakout season last year. Everyone in the division is coming for them this year and with 17 seniors that left and a lot of new players this year they had a hard game coming up to prove they didn’t change.

After a hard camp the Blue Devils showed they were ready for the New Egypt Warriors.

A long game delay on Friday September 7, 2018 because of lightning allowed the two teams to only get one play in but game was rescheduled for the next day.

Blue Devils Senior quarterback Tommy Roach through for 319 yards, connecting on 14 out of 27 passes with a total of two touchdowns.

Junior wide receiver DJ Woodbury caught both of those touchdowns for a total of 214 yards with one of them being a 70 yard touchdown in the first half. At the end of regulation the score was tied up at 14 and it took the two teams and extra quarter of play.

Blue Devils got the ball first and on the first play Sophomore running back Jakier Royster put the team on his back and scored a 25 yard touchdown to take the lead.

All that was left was to stop the Warriors on defense and as Coach Ray Rob always said, “if one of us are going to fold, it’s going to be them every single time because we not folding”.

That’s all that it took because the defense made a big stop on 4th and 1 lead by Isaac Anderson to hold on to win the game 20-14.

That makes the Blue Devils 1-0 with another big game coming up against Salem on Saturday September 15, 2018.