Students Celebrate Honor Roll

Jaden Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Many students aspire to get good grades in school or even better… Honor Roll. That’s exactly one of the best things about Burlington City High School. Full of amazing staff and students who love to learn from the help of their teachers. Students are always rewarded with something if they achieve Honor Roll or perfect attendance with a C or higher.

This time around it was a trip to the local Regal Movie Theater in Burlington, NJ. The students were going to see the highly anticipated new movie called Spider Man into the Spider Verse.

“It was a full theater filled with great students” stated one student who attended.

After a brief hiccup from the theater that left part of the movie unseen, the students started to chant “Rewind” but that did not work. Not to be deterred, they students continued to watch movie and seemed like then enjoyed it anyway.

After the movie ended the students responded with clapping – it was that good of a movie.

Overall, the students really enjoyed it and had a good time from not being in school but goal is to get on Honor Roll again and get more people to join the list.