Jaden Gonzalez, Staff Writer

In May 2016, a former student of Burlington City High School was walking along Route 130 and was hit by a drunk driver around midnight. Unfortunately he passed away and many people were hurt by it. Antwan Timbers Jr., who was the young man that would have graduated with the class of 2018 has had a big effect on this law.

Burlington City High School is off the side road of Route 130 with a high speed limit of 40 mph. That is really fast for a school zone and that’s where “25 Saves Lives” comes in. For about 2-3 years, the people of Burlington City have been pushing for Governor Murphy to sign the Law of 40mph down to 25 mph throughout the school zone.

Many people were a big factor of this signing which included the ROTC program, Principal Mr. James Flynn, Tyler Carroll and the amazing students of the school.

It was a big relief on many people that live in the town and this showed to Antwan’s family on how much he meant to the school/town.

“I’ve been apart of this program from the beginning and it is so exciting to finally have it signed and completed” said Tyler Carroll once Governor Murphy signed the law.

Now even though the speed limit 25 mph now, we still need to make sure the students help by paying attention while crossing since it’s a lot of cars riding down at once.

“Everyone needs to follow the directions of a crossing guard,” Tyler Carroll stated, “and the drivers will do their part but you have to do yours.”

“This is just the beginning and we are not done yet,” Tyler Carroll said regarding the newly approved law, “we want to make a difference; but we can now prove that 25 WILL SAVE LIVES”.

No matter how long it took, the people of Burlington City made a stand and never gave up for what they wanted. Whether is was meetings with the governor, petition signings, standing out in 20 degree weather to spell out “Sign It”, having rally’s on the side road for people to see, help from the police department, firefighters and even the News Cast; everyone put 100% effort into what they wanted and can always shout, “25 SAVES LIVES! 25 SAVES LIVES!”