Aladdin Movie Review

Aladdin is a good movie, but is it worth seeing?


Destiny Westcott-Johnson, Staff Writer

You are probably wondering, “Why go see a movie in the movie theaters that you have seen a thousand times already?” Well I can tell you that even though you already know the ending of Disney’s original animated tale, the recreated version of Aladdin and the original are not the exact same at all.

First, the similarities. Yes, the story is virtually the same. It is the same progression as the original story. Also, the characters aren’t really any different. Sure, Robin Williams has been replaced by Will Smith, and while Smith gives the character a  little bit more edge, they are still, at their core, the same loving, goofy character.

Okay, now the differences. One big change is the character of Jasmine. She’s way more of a confident female compared to the original story. Now she wants to be sultan, and not just out to find love. Also, while there are some of the same old songs, there are also a few new ones, as well. They have also added new characters, such as Jasmine’s friend Dalia.

If you are really into Aladdin like I am, and since princess Jasmine is one of my favorite princesses, you will see that there are some differences, but not a whole lot. Even so, this movie was still fun to watch, even if it was all too similar to watching the cartoon.