Stranger Things Season Three Trailer

New Stranger Things Season 3 trailer! How does it look?


Sara Farraj, Staff Writer

I won’t lie – the Netflix original television series Stranger Things is hands down one of my favorite series I have ever watched before. It is just amazing in every way, starting with the storyline going all the way down to the acting. If you have not watched the two released seasons over the past two and a half years you are seriously missing out and probably should not read any further of this review.

Just as every Netflix original series, every episode in each season gets released at once.

The main purpose of doing this is because people are able to binge watch the entire season at once because it is worth it.

Season one was first released in July of 2016, then season two was released in October of the following year. While the first season is far better than the second, I won’t try to dismiss the powerful conclusion of the second season.

Now season three is going to be released this coming July. As of March 20, 2019 the new trailer has been released and it is making me really excited.

From what the trailer tells the setting will take place in the summer within their same town.

The trailer starts with the friends playing around pranking one of the funniest characters. So the show will most likely be giving us the awesome humor that has been given in the previous seasons. Everyone’s all time favorite relationship between Steve and Dustin remains and that is very important. We can not forget the sparks between the couples Elle with Mike and Lucas with Max. Many great things from the previous seasons are being transferred over into the new season which makes me extremely excited.

However, the trailer does not really give the audience more information than that. There is not really any information including the plot line despite the small clip telling us will gets into a problem again and the voice over telling that there will be drama. This trailer barely gives any information on what is going to be going on.

Overall, this trailer is making me feel very excited but anxious at the same time. With the amazing references to the former seasons and new characters being shown but also, just the slightest bit of what the story line is going to be or based around.