Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Review

The best adaptation of a Pokemon character to date!


Detective Pikachu follows the story of a guy named Tim Goodman, who teams up with his father’s pokémon partner Pikachu, to solve the mystery of his father’s disappearance. He also goes along with Pikachu while making friends along the way.

Detective Pikachu did not disappoint in so many ways.

Detective Pikachu will be loved by people of all ages and loved by all Pokémon fans. I would recommend this movie for everyone to see because it will make you laugh, tear up and cheer. I love how they made the pokémon come to life from the cartoons, the cards and the video games.

Now, looking at the actors, Ryan Reynalds, who plays the title character Pikachu was, without a doubt, born to play this part. Known lately for the foul mouthed character Deadpool, Reynolds is able to bring that loveable wit to the small, fury character. He is both funny and loveable, adding a fantastic layer to a somewhat simple Pokemon.

Justice Smith also did a fantastic job as Tim. Even though they probably were not on set together, his chemistry with Reynolds’ Pikachu is amazing as the two par off against each other in hilarious ways. The two characters compliment each other and help to push the somewhat generic storyline forward, elevating it to another level.

There were so many memorable moments and so many Pokémon that we know and love. If you have a chance, go see it now!