Wells Fargo Visits City High

Wells Fargo Meets With BCHS


Jaden Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Between grades 10th through 12th is when students typically start to get their first real job, giving them the chance to finally see what it feels like to work and earn their own money.

While making money is important, most important is keeping it safe. Just about everyone in this world needs to have some sort of bank to keep their money safe. 

One of those banks is Wells Fargo.

Two managers from the Wells Fargo bank in Burlington came to talk to students at Burlington City High School. Their goal was simple: teach BCHS students the correct way of handling their income.

The main things that was taught to the students was the difference between a Debit and Credit Card and the right way to build your credit which was to pay back what you borrowed on time.

Around 30 students between grades 10th and 12th showed up to the BCHS Media Center for the hour presentation with a great power point for the students to learn from. The presented also provided the students typical money problems that required the students to solve. Prizes were provided to those students who participated.

In the end, this event was a must for all students. Money is important to earn, but it is also important to keep safe. Hopefully this presentation opened the eyes of many students who were unaware of the dangers not keeping your money in a well established bank, like Wells Fargo, is.