Pet Semetary (2019) Review

Big Frights From This Big Retelling.


Darnell Williams, Staff Writer

I had the opportunity to go see the remake of the 1989 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Pet Semetary. Having seen the original, I was curious just how they could update that movie and make it interesting for today’s viewers.

I can say, without a doubt, that Pet Sematary lived up to the hype that it promised in the trailers.

The movie follows the same story as the first. Dr. Creed, his wife and his two younger children, come to find out that there is more to their new home than meets the eye and when desperate times call for desperate measures, Dr. Creed makes a desperate choice, a choice that would come to haunt him for the rest of the movie.

For the entirety of the one hour and 40 minute movie I can say it kept all viewers on the edge of their seats. The movies’ plot expanded on some of the originals’ ideas, making them a bit clearer and easier to understand. The ending also left the audience wanting more, which is something a horror movie should always have.

All in all, Pet Semetary was an improvement over the 1989 version in every way. The acting was better and scares were more genuine. If you are down for a good scare, definitely give this movie a chance to frighten you.