“Thank U, Next” Album Review

Grande’s Fifth Album Another Winner


Erin Kiple, Staff Writer

Ariana Grande has been in the headlines a lot in the past year, as she has gone through a lot of drama. From the Manchester bombing that happened at her concert in May 2017, losing her ex boyfriend rapper Mac Miller to an overdose, and breaking off her engagement with comedian Pete Davidson.

Her 5th studio album, Thank U, Next, comes less than a year after her highly-anticipated 4th studio album “Sweetener”. Many of these songs in “Thank U, Next” seem to document Ariana’s feelings during these times, and how she dealt with these situations. This album broke many records for Ariana, and became number one from multiple. I have been thoroughly enjoying this album, so I decided to share my thoughts and reviews on some of the more powerful songs.

The first song that I felt was simply fabulous was needy. Ariana has always had a really strong relationship with her fans online; especially Twitter. This song was teased well before the album, and became highly anticipated by fans on the social media platform. This song talks about Ariana’s craving and need for attention and love, which shows a very vulnerable side to Ariana that we never see. This song has great production, and the passion in her voice really shows how personal this album is to her, which is why I love this so much.

Another song that I felt was amazing was NASA. Ariana has always had an obsession with space, and she has shared it online with her followers. This song gives an interesting narrative to that obsession, talking about how she needs space from her lover. The production on this song with the beat drops, and the ups and downs is astonishing.

One final song that I felt really made this album amazing was ghostinThis is probably my favorite track on the entire album. This song is very emotional but beautiful. Ariana sings about pushing away someone she loves because she wishes he was someone else. This song seems to be very personal which would suggest she was talking about Pete Davidson and Mac Miller. This song has a beautiful melody, and instrumental end too it, which makes it stand out of all of the other songs.

Overall, this is probably my favorite album Ariana has done. It is the most cohesive of all of her works in my opinion and is so personal. You can truly feel the passion behind every lyric she sings, which I think is why I love this album so much. Ariana has really stepped up her music in the past years, and I really am enjoying it. This album is totally worth a listen if you get the time.